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zondag 15 juni 2008


I know,
it's a long time ago,
but I got exams so I have to study ...
Tomorrow I have math , and I don't like it.
With al those x's and y's ...
But i learnded a lot , and now I only have to make my excercises.

And I'm al the time dreaming of the vacation,
i'll go to france , somewhere in the Luberon...
But enough!
Because the batteries of the camera of my friend (yes, I borrowed it) are (op ? I don't know the English word) , I will show you some pics that I found on the internet.

Isn't it a lovely room?

I love all these stuff

And the advert (reaclame?) of Fuel for life is really really pretty

and ofcourse al the pictures of the nature

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