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zaterdag 6 december 2008

My day. My life.

Christmas songs.
Beautiful rainbows.
Studying math.
Saint Nicholas.
Chocolats and cookies.
And my present for Saint Nicholas = A perfume by Stella Mccartney.
A while ago I said, this was the perfume I wanted so bad. And now, I have it.
So happy happy happy!
Monday I have my exam math, and to be honestly, I still have a lot to do.
I just can not focus on it. So I'm really really slow. 10 minutes for 1 sentence. Bad. Bad.


2 reacties:

  • you are so amazing!
    i have no word to call you at this moment, but when i find it, i will tell you.
    that award you gave me.. you made for me, nearly made me cry with happiness. i nearly fell off my cushion. i could not say anything but gush.

    i cannot deserve such a wonderful thing, but you deinitely have made my weekend so special. thank you forever and ever.

    i heart you for such specialness.

    Door Blogger the tea drinking english rose, Op 6 december 2008 om 17:49  

  • oooh this is BEAUTIFUL!
    i love your blog- it is so wonderful! i am glad to have come across it!

    Door Blogger Betsey, Op 9 december 2008 om 13:04  

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