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zondag 29 juni 2008

I believe

Yesterday it was my best friends birthday-party.
It was cool.
We ate hamburgers,
slept in tents and talked.
I think I slept very well, 5 hours or something (that's much).

My present for Emma was a Chinese person,
I know him almost 8 years (or something) , and since a while Emma also chat with him,
one time , he even called her ^^ .
So I thought like , I bring Ka Chien (his name) with me to her party.
Me and Alicia bought also a CD of N.E.R.D. ,
and I maked a book with some necklaces in it.

I will post the pictures later.

Because I don't have pictures of the clothes I bought in the city last (last) Saturday (I'm sorry)
I'll show you some outfits (picutres) that I find beautiful.

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