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vrijdag 1 augustus 2008


Tonight I'm going to leave the Pinte ,
and I'm going to a place not so far away from Belgium ;
We'll go to the Luberon.
We rent a house close to the village Grambois for 2 weeks.
There is also NO internet , so i can't post things.

What did I today ?
- Went to the carrefour and I bought : Magazines , sweet , books , ...
- Lunch
-Download some music + pack my valise.
-Go to Eva , watch the first One Three Hill episode from Season 5 ^^ and she gives me a 'vacation letter'
[ Vacation Letter : An Envelop with some letters in it, there is a letter witch games , ...]
we went also to Emma to delivery my fish ;) - goldfish , tadpoles , tropical fish -
-I stay with Emma till 6 o'clock
-Go home and ate French Frites - I don't know why they call it French frites , because frites are invented in Belgium.-
-Writing this

So I also made a list of my 10 favo songs for vacation :
1) Singing Arc - Seabear
2) Telivision - Peggy Sue and the pirates
3)I'm Like a bird - Nelly Furtado
4) Oh - Mickey Green
5) Electric Feel - MGMT
6)Where do we go? - Sandrine
7) I feel it all - Feist
8)Guaranteed - Eddie Vedder
9) Jessica - Adam green
10) Where is the love - Black Eyed Peas


p.s. 16/17 aug. I'll be back

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