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zondag 7 december 2008

The Christmas letter

The Christmas Letter

I have an idea.^^
It's a social, magical, funny, lovely thing.
7 girls have to write each other a Christmas letter,
not a competition or something, just a teeny little thing.
It's just an idea, so probaly it wouldn't become truth.
But how cool would it be if you receive 6 Christmas letters in your letterbox.
So only 3 weeks or something to go, and it's Christmas.
But I want to know , what you think about it. Is it a good idea?
And if I find 6 people who want to write letters to each other,
that would be fantastic!

So let me know,
*What do you think about the idea
*Would you like to participate
*Any comments
*Better ideas

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2 reacties:

  • thank you!
    i love your blog, i'll link it on mine ;)


    Door Blogger aNOUK, Op 7 december 2008 om 04:37  

  • It is a lovely idea. If you find some other bloggers and friends to participate in it, then I might do it also.
    I don't know how long it would take for the letter to travel over seas though. I live in USA, some bloggers don't so...
    If anyhing let me know..=]

    The pictures from above are so pretty by the way.

    Oh and yes, I am very much into books. Yay a book buddy. It is very depressing to not be able to read those wonderful stories right? gah

    It's not a cheese and cake factory, hehe.. I have had to explain this to everyone who read my posts. te-he
    It is a restaurant called the Cheesecake factory, though it does not do what it's name claims.
    It just has delicious cakes and amazing food. But, the cakes are just over the top delicious and so wonderful. They are addicting and a quite expensive.
    You don't like cheese? Hmm, indeed weird. Pizza cannot be called pizza without the cheese. It'd be horrible.

    I do like how people that speak Dutch speak English though so I'm sure you are not as terrible as you say. I have only heard one guy, but well, I liked it.
    Yeah, British accents are awesome indeed.
    He-he I can imagine.. an english britinsh accent. hehe

    Well, thank you very much for your comment.


    Door Blogger BlueRing, Op 9 december 2008 om 11:43  

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