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zaterdag 13 december 2008

The moon

Yesterdy it was full moon in Belgium. Beautiful!
So monday I've my exam French, and tuesday physics.
Really boring. But what to do?
Yesterday after my exam, I went to Emma.
There we ate spagetti, watched 'Sliding doors' and watched 'My Sassy Girl'.
Love both movies so so so much!
after that, went home, and watched 'SWAT' on tv.
After SWAT, watched 'Love actually'.
So as you can see, it was really a movie day.
And about the previous post, I will give you some more information in my successor post.
But today it's 13 December, so I need to hurry up.

The moon

Hijo De La Luna - Belle Perez ft. Voice Male

Love the song!!!

My Sassy Girl

Sliding doors

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2 reacties:

  • hllo, sorry it has taken forever to respond. I have had an overflow with work and what not.

    yes, please do fill me in on the details about the letters. It was an interesting idea.

    well I hope you did well on your exams.

    have a lovely week.


    Door Blogger BlueRing, Op 23 december 2008 om 12:01  

  • maybe,
    if we all together
    wish for snow
    it will come.

    do you wish a white christmas
    with me?
    post *i wish* on your blog


    Door Blogger aNOUK, Op 24 december 2008 om 11:39  

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