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dinsdag 30 december 2008

Stars. Moon.

Hi, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but I was very busy these days,
and my rapport is bad. So , my mom is really mad of me...
She drives me crazy.
Ok, maybe you don't want to know my results, but I'm gonna tell them to you,
be prepared, cause afterall they're not soooo bad.

geographics : 86%
Biology : 59%
Chemistry : 53%
Economics : 80%
English : 80%
French : 69%
Physics : 51%
History : 83%
Informatics : 70.3%
L.O. (Physical Education) : 78%
N.C.Z. (I don't know the English word, ethics?) : 91%
Dutch : 79%
Math : 62.1%

If there is anything spelled wrong,
I'm sorry, please correct me ^^

So , I haven't wish you all a merry Christmas in this post :O
Hope you'll got lots of presents (;

And what did I these days?
Went shopping (bought several things ; Christmas presents, earings, ...)
Went to Emma, and watched thousand movies.
Books. Tons of books. Really, for Chrismas my parents and friends gave me lots of books.
Nice (:
Went to my boyfriend. Two months together.
Today I went ice skate (is that a word?)
Ate lots of cookies.
Drew drawings.
Went to the Chinese school.
Lots of Glitters.
Decorating the tree.
Laughing with younger brother.
And lots of other stuff.
Spooky houses. (My neighbours.)

So tomorrow it's new years eve,
the family come to our house,
we are gonna eat chinese ^^ My mom cook.
And my dad is going to schoot fireworks.

I hope you all have a great New Years Eve,
and a Happy NEW YEAR.
Blessings to you.


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