green thoughts

woensdag 30 juli 2008


My room is finally finished! - it's a little miracle :p -
I'm so happy with it !

Last week Emma and I went to the carrefour and bought some chips ,
after that we reconnoiter (?) a place close to my house and close to the carrefour.

maandag 21 juli 2008

Flower Power

I have my own digital camera ! The quality isn't that great , but i'm glad with it!
Yesterday some friends of my mom came over to Belguim (there from Netherland) ,
but it was a little bit boring beacause there only parents and little children.
They gave me the book : De wereld van Sofie
And my name is Sofie. So I like the book a lot.

A picture of the little child - he is cute -

And some pics of flowers.
Flower power

Great song : mgmt - Electric feel
Great book : Jung Chang - Wilde Swans
Great day : Every day - because it is VACATION

vrijdag 18 juli 2008

My Mistake

Ow, I put that youtube thing two times on the blog,
I'm sorry , my mistake.

But Know you can watch it two times at the same moment,
isn't that great?

I know,
i haven't posted for a while... - but now I'm back from my bored status because :
My best friend is back! yeah it's pretty cool (:
But the deal was that when she come's back my room need to be finished, what not happened :o .
But hey, i'll have the rest of the vacation.

These days i'm really into painting,
I've painted some paintings for the toilet :p It's a beginning.
And maybe tomorrow I get my OWN camera ... because my parents didn't give me my b-day present yet (my b-day is on the 13 of January). So then I'll show you some pics of my paintings.

And I don't know how to put You Tube movies here, so I will try some stuff.
Maybe it works.

*A love song for Bobby Long
Great movie! I just love it!
The songs are also good.

Asta La Vista -

vrijdag 4 juli 2008


Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I adore the paintings of Stephanie Pui-Mui Law.
She mostly paints Fairies and so one.
She paint with water-colour and she does it beautiful.

More on


Paint and play

I have a nintendo Ds (exually it's my brother's) and also the game 'Sims Pets' so now i'm addicted to that game. It's really fun, you're sim is a veterinarian (my one is that =p) and you have to nurse pets and so one ...

Today I painted my room in green,
it was a hard job because my walls are (I don't know the English word) gestuct.
Yesterday and wednesday I painted my room in the primer colours (White and gray in my case).

(mine DS is totally red - no black )

donderdag 3 juli 2008

Today my best friend Emma left.
She went to Montenegro for a couple of weeks,
and I miss her already . boeh.

This tuesday Emma and I went to Gent,
and I bought :
- 3tops
-a short
-a bikini
and that's it. ^^

My fav music of the moment. (Some of them are a little bit depressive =p )

1. Krezip - I would stay
2. Enya - (The Gladiator soundtrack) Now we are free
3. Cocoon - Hey ya
4. Sara Bareilles - Love song
5. The kills - Black Balloon
6. Milow - The ride
7. Coldplay - Trouble
8. Oasis - She's electric
9. Arsenal - Lotuk
10. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The songs that we sing