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zondag 29 juni 2008

I believe

Yesterday it was my best friends birthday-party.
It was cool.
We ate hamburgers,
slept in tents and talked.
I think I slept very well, 5 hours or something (that's much).

My present for Emma was a Chinese person,
I know him almost 8 years (or something) , and since a while Emma also chat with him,
one time , he even called her ^^ .
So I thought like , I bring Ka Chien (his name) with me to her party.
Me and Alicia bought also a CD of N.E.R.D. ,
and I maked a book with some necklaces in it.

I will post the pictures later.

Because I don't have pictures of the clothes I bought in the city last (last) Saturday (I'm sorry)
I'll show you some outfits (picutres) that I find beautiful.

zondag 22 juni 2008

Who are you?

Friday after my LAST -whohoho- exam ,
emma and I went to my house and relax.
We looked some you tube movies and so one...
We also took some pictures in my garden.

(mottigste foto ooit ^^ )

(On the roof)

donderdag 19 juni 2008

I am what I am

[This picture is tooken in Beijing]

Tomorrow I have my last exam!!
I'm so happy happy happy.
Two weeks of studying are almost over ^^

Some pictures of me and friends.

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dinsdag 17 juni 2008

The magic box

All you need is love

Only 3 exams to go!
I'm so happy!
Now , I am in a vacation mood ... really , the weather is nice , we have ice-cream and srawberries.
It's like vacation. But I have to stop with dreaming. Study ... study ... study... Jék

I'm listening all those Beatles songs ... like 'All you need is love' ...
I like the beatles ... their music is just zo HAPPY .. and it makes me smiling, that's good ^^

Tomorrow I have my exam Dutch
Thursday I've history
and friday T.O.

I just love love the parfum by stella Mccartney
It smells amazing (:
And the 'green' line by here is also amazing beautiful.
Here are some pics

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zondag 15 juni 2008


I know,
it's a long time ago,
but I got exams so I have to study ...
Tomorrow I have math , and I don't like it.
With al those x's and y's ...
But i learnded a lot , and now I only have to make my excercises.

And I'm al the time dreaming of the vacation,
i'll go to france , somewhere in the Luberon...
But enough!
Because the batteries of the camera of my friend (yes, I borrowed it) are (op ? I don't know the English word) , I will show you some pics that I found on the internet.

Isn't it a lovely room?

I love all these stuff

And the advert (reaclame?) of Fuel for life is really really pretty

and ofcourse al the pictures of the nature

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donderdag 5 juni 2008

Todays outfit
Today my French exam was 'excellant'
And my English was I think 'oke' not bad , but not veerrryyy good.

[My face is ugly and weird , so don't look at it ^^ ]
And on the 'little dress' are some little stars and ° ° °

annddd ... today I also took some pictures,
what do you think ?
For a beginner (:

woensdag 4 juni 2008


Tomorrow i have my speaking English+Frensh exam
and it's a little bit stressy because I suck in languages and than especially speaking...

Here some pics that I lovveee! (I love them not soo much , but I find them not bad)
I found them on other blogs or some sites .
Watch and enjoy!

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Last saturday i've got my Chinese exam, and I was the best of my class with 91,5 points!
I'm so proud of myself!

Next week, we have exams on school,
so I really have to study now...
and it's soooo boring.
But I think like 'two weeks exam and than two months vacation!'
It's always nice to have good points, and especially for the summer vacation,
other wise my parents will always say 'now you have to study, because youre exams are bad'
You know that, some parents-shit (:

That's one of my artistic pictures ,
so what do you think?
It's not glitter&glamour,
but I think it's not bad...